Dear Reader, 

Welcome to my blog about everything sustainability! 

My name is Lauren and I’m from Grand Bahama in The Bahamas. I am currently a rising junior at Columbia University in New York City studying Sustainable Development and Political Science with the hope of one day working with the United Nations or non-governmental organizations on international policy-making for sustainability issues (quite the mouthful, I know!). 

For as long as I can remember, eco-friendly living has been a huge passion of mine. From a very young age, I have always been super interested in learning more about social and environmental issues, especially the ones occurring right on my front doorstep. As I left the comfort of my island and ventured out into the “real(er) world” of university and living in the “Big Apple”, I found myself increasingly drawn into sustainability and I craved new and innovative ways to learn more and more about this growing passion of mine. 

The further I delved into the eco-community, however, the more apparent it became that there was a severe lack of engagement from not only young people but also from people of color, namely Caribbean people, in the climate conversation. Realizing the grave disconnect between those around me and the field of sustainability, I began to feel a sense of responsibility to share the information that I was learning in my classes (and from the copious hours spent scouring environmental blogs like this one) with anyone who would listen. Nevertheless, what first began as me simply sharing sustainability content on my Instagram stories and pestering my friends about my amusing journey into vegetarianism has since expanded into this new, and exciting, platform to share my ideas and tips with a wider audience: The Eco Gal

I have a lot of things to say about topics ranging anywhere from unpacking the role of sustainability in the fashion and beauty industries to understanding sustainable eating and my ideas on living a more environmentally and socially conscious lifestyle. So, with all of that being said, I hope that you’ll enjoy joining me as I embark on this new adventure and dive (head first) into this new chapter of blogging and sharing my passion for sustainability with all of you. Thanks for reading and I’m super excited to bring you along with me for the ride! 

Stay tuned for my new posts every Friday (hopefully lol)!

Until next time, 

Lauren, The Eco Gal

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